• Song:

    All Of My Days

  • Artist:

    Celebration Church

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KEy of E

     E                   A/E        E     A/E         
Proclaim Your awesome power
E        A/E      E       A/E
Tell of mighty deeds
     E                 A        E      A/E 
Declare Your future kingdom             
     E     A/E        E      A/E  
Of everlasting  peace

           A                             E/G#    B 
And my eyes they look unto You     always, 
             A                               E/G#     B
And I am captured by Your majes  -   ty

E/G#         A                C#m7             B
All of my days I will sing of Your greatness
E/G#         A                C#m7              B
All of my days I will speak of Your grace
E              B/D#          C#m7               Ab7         A
All of my days I will tell of Your wondrous love
           B                   A       B
Your love in my life,   Your love 

2.    All Your works will praise You, 
Your children bless Your name
We speak of all Your goodness
We walk in fields of grace.
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