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    Chad Kroeger And Josie Scott

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?Hero? by Chad from Nickelback and Josie from Saliva
Song from ?Spider-man? Soundtrack
Standard Tuning
Tabbed by:  Ben Rout  ben_rout@hotmail.com

This is a great song, and this is my first guitar tab.  Some of it may be wrong, but bare with me.  I don?t know the chord names exactly, so I named them my way.

C			F#
I am so high, I can hear heaven
C			F#
I am so high, I can hear heaven
G		        A		          E
Whoa but heaven, No heaven, don?t hear me

E(Build up on this with more power)
And they say that a 
Hero could save us
A                                              G#
I?m not gonna stand here and wait
I?ll hold on to the 
Wings of the eagles
A		    E(build up)
Watch as we all fly away

Follow that for next verse and chorus, then a solo
During the solo, it sounds good for the acoustic guitar to do this
G--------------------------------------------10----------7---10-------5--- 2--------------
D-- 9-----------7--- 9-------- 5---6---7---10--------- 7---10-------5--- 2-------------
A-- 9-----------7--- 9-------- 5---6---7----8?(x6)--5----8-(x6)--3---0-(Build Up)
E---7-(x 6)----5----7-(x 6)--3---4---5--------------------------------------------------

And Lead to do this (With auto-wah or something)
D--9- 10----9--10---9---10--- 7-----9----10----9----10----9----10---5-----------------


I have no clue on this next soft part, but I use the acoustic and do some of this and it seems to work fine for me.  I know that it isn?t right.
A---2------2---4----4--6----------6----------2------2---4----------- 2-------------
E--2----------4--------6----------6----------2----------4-------------0-(Build Up)

Another Chorus proceeds that, but at the end of that, you don?t do the E build up, you just play G#.
You don?t play E at all after the soft part, and you end the song on G.

Someone told me,
That love would all save us.
But how can that be, 
Look what love gave us.

A world full of killing,
And blood spilling,
That world never came.

And they say that a
Hero could save us
I?m not gonna stand here and wait.
I?ll hold on to the
Wings of the eagles,
Watch as we all fly away.
	(Slow Part)
Now that the world isn?t ending,
It?s love that I?m sending to you.
It isn?t the love of a hero,
And that?s why I fear it won?t do.

And they say that a 
Hero could save us
I?m not gonna stand here and wait.
I?ll hold on to the
Wings of the eagles,
Watch as we all fly away.

And their watching us,
As we all fly away.


   C	       F#             G             A           E           G#
E---	E---	E-3-	E---	E---	E---
B-1-	B---	B-3-	B-2-	B---	B---
G-0-	G-3-	G-0-	G-2-	G---	G-6-
D-2-	D-4-	D-0-	D-2-	D-2-	D-6-
A-3-	A-4-	A-2-	A---	A-2-	A-4-
E---	E-2-	E-3-	E---	E-0-	E-4-
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