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Big City Blues (written by Keith Gattis)
Performed by Charlie Robison  Album: Good Times
Lick: phrase ending, most lines:
Intro: Em
Verse 1 
Em                    D          Emss
Skinny dippin? in the Pedernales River||
Em           D                  Em-i
Country girl sure could make me shiver
Em               D                 Em
Right now that?s just what I could use
Em                 D        Em
To wash away these big city blues

Verse 2 (Same chord progression as Verse 1) 
Hollywood stars beneath my feet
Everywhere I look I see concrete 
I could use a little Southern rain 
Blanco County calls my name 

Em            D        Em
Goddamn these big city blues
Em         D        Em
I got them big city blues
Em           G        G         D               Em
Someone done went and stole my favorite pair of boots
Em            D        Em
Goddamn these big city blues
Verse 3 
Em           D       A
Daddy was a no count bull ridin? son of a b***h
G      D    D        Em
That?s what my momma said
Em             D             Em
She cursed the day they ever met
Em        D       G                     D                Em
She?s the cutest small-town thing that he?d seen in the world
Em          D              Em
?cept daddy loved big city girls
Repeat Verse 1
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