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He plays in the key of C capo 2 to create variations like C2.
Key D

The whole song goes D  A  G, Bm  A  G

Verse 1:
I don't even know
I've never felt this way before
But with someone like you, it makes sense.
And I don't wanna go,
I'll stay with you forever just as long
as you love me too
just as long as you love me too.

Verse 2:
It's not that hard to see
That a single day without you could 
make me go crazy.
It takes my breath away
it gives me butterflies,
when you hold me when you sleep.
when you hold me in your sleep.
I never want to leave.

It's the way that you talk
and the way that you smile
and the way that you love black and white.
Baby it's the way that you hold my hand in the car
and the way that we lie in the sand
And we watched the sun go down.
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