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    Im Coming Home Acoustic

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This is the intro to Superjail! from part two of the Time Police episode.  
I am pretty sure these chords are correct, and I trust the rest of you 
can figure out the strumming pattern or just kind of make your own up. 

What I think the guitarist does is just add his pinky in for the Dsus and
Asus chords, and then pulls off to get back to the D or A chord.  
Here you go...

Intro: D/Dsus4

D                   A/Asus4                D/Dsus4
Life on the outside ain't what it used to be...

D/Dsus4                       A/Asus4             D/Dsus4
The worlds gone crazy and it ain't safe, on the street...

G                 A/Asus4
It's a drag and I know,

Bm                        G
There's only one place to go,

D/Dsus4           A/Asus4     D
I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home...

One final note, I think the G sounds better, for this song, when played 
like this..


Tabbed by Tim Kuebrich
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