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    You Got Me

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Well this is not only the first song I've submitted, but it's the first song I wrote.
So if your searching for some famous song...your in the wrong place, cause no...this
song has never been on a radio, let alone been recorded on a CD! But you can fool around
with it...have fun! :)

Am G  C  F
Oh Oh Oh Oh [X4]


Am      G       C
Boy You Got Me Breezy
Am        G       F
Rapped Up In This Cacoon
Am       G     C
So Much For Me Livin
        Am       G          F
Cause I Can't Do It Without You


D          G
You Got Me Tied Up
D       G    C         D
So Satisfied With Your Love
D             C           G            C
You've Got Me Wrapped Up, Brain Shook, Heart Took
C    G      D
It's Broken Now
C         D                   G
Thanks To Yoooooooooooou Oooh You [X2]
G         D
Thanks To You

It's harder than you think! I'll post the rest of this later! Tell me how bad it is
at Hoopace4eva@aol.com or chat with me at XoBallerChikaXo 

I'll Finish It Later...Byyyye! :)

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