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    Someone Elses Story

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Capo on 6th

      C                F                      Dm G
1. Long ago in someone else's lifetime,
     C                          Am             F           C         Dm  - G
    someone with my name who looked a lot like me,
      C                        F                          G
    came to know a man and made a promise,
          C               Am            D                D7            G
    he only had to say, and that's where she would be.
     G7            C                         C7               F
    Lately although the feelings run just as deep,
            Em               Am                          D                C
    the promise she made has grown impossible to keep, and yet,
       F                    C   F                      G   C       - F - Dm - G
    I wish it wasn't so, will he miss me if I go?
    C                  F                       Dm G
2. In a way it's someone else's sto..ry,
   C                     Am      F          C      Dm   - G
    I don't see myself as taking part at all.
      C                 F                    G
    Yesterday a girl that I was fond of,
     C                 Am          D     D7         G
    finally could see the writing on the wall.
      G7            C                   C7             F
    Sadly she realized she'd left him behind,
           Em                Am                         D                   C
    and sadder than that she knew he wouldn't even mind, and though,
                  F                   C        F                  G     C    
    there's nothing left to say, would he listen if I stay?
          Ab        Fm             - - - - - -                  F  G
    It's all very well to say you fool it's now or never,
   Em                 B7       Dm                 G    G7       - A7
    I could be choosing, no choices whatsoever.
   D                    G                      Em A
3. I could be in someone else's sto..ry,
          D                     Bm        G            D       Em      - A
    in someone else's life and he could be in mine.
    D                    G                Em  A
    I don't see a reason to be lonely,
    D                         Bm        E          E7          A
    I could take my chances further down the line.
      A7            D                          D7            G
    And if that girl I knew should ask my advice,
        F#m           Bm                   E                       D
    oh, I wouldn't hesitate, she needn't ask me twice, go now !
         G                       D      G                  A        D    - Bm          
    I'd tell her that for free, trouble is, the girl is me.            
            Em              A  A7 D
    The story is, the girl is me.
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