• Song:

    Comfortable Liar

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Wonder What's Next (Del...

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Here is the tab for Chevelle's song comfortable liar. I have been through all of the tabs for this song and not one of them seems to have it quite right. The difference is in the tuning. On most of their songs they use a drop B tuning (B,F#,B,E,G#,C#), which is a whole step down form standard and the low E string tuned a whole step down after that. It is really simple to play. Have fun.

E |----------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|
B |--6-66-7-6-66-222-2----6-66-7-62-|-6-66-7-66-222-2----6-66-7-6-2222
B |--6-66-7-6-66-222-2----6-66-7-62-|-6-66-7-66-222-2----6-66-7-6-2222
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