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    Panic Prone

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Gm        Eb
Gave in Again
Gm        Eb
The bastard
Gm        Eb  F     Gm
Can't keep refusing rights
Gm        Eb
So he'll loan the cash
Gm        Eb
But the sin
Gm        Eb  F   Gm
Is on the hands of you

    Bb      Gm
So to care or
       Eb           F     F#   Gm
Plead silence, weak hands are calling

Gm        Eb
There's close enough
Gm        Eb
And there's too far
Gm        Eb  F   Gm
It won't change an empty stare
Gm        Eb  
But I can't seem to end
Gm        Eb 
These images
Gm        Eb     F   Gm
Hauntingly looks like hell

Fm Gm         Eb
Come, Enter the foreign.
Face, All that's shameful.
Cheat, May the past find
Out; Separating...

Bb      Gm                 Eb              F     F#   Gm
To end this catastrophic scene awake and breathe in

Gm     Eb
To care or (X4)

Second Tab I've ever done.. Good Luck!
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