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This one goes to my babe, I love you Kichiss!

You gotta use capo, the fret uou gotta put it on depends on the tunning of your guitar, 
used it on 2nd, try until you get the tone you want, enjoy...

[Intro] G - D/F#Am - C (x2)


G          D/F#   Am		C
These four walls, they whisper to me
G          D/F#   Am		C
They know secrets I knew they would not keep
Em            	 D/F#          A 		 C
It didn't take long for the room to fill with dust
    G          D/F#       Am         D
And these four walls came down around us


C                  G        		  D/F#       Em
It must have been something to send me out of my head
C                  G           D/F#       Em
With the words so radical and not what I meant
C                    G                  D/F#           Em
Now I wait for a break, in the silence cause it's all that you left
C                                 G     D/F#
Just me and these four walls again

Am               C
It's hard now to let you be
G             D/F#     Am           C
I won't make excuses, I've made my peace
Em           	 D/F#      A 		 C
It didn't take long for me to lose this trust
      G          D/F#    Am                  D
Cause these four walls, they're not strong enough



Em                 G                 G
Yeah it's difficult, watching us fade
             D/F#                 Em
Knowing it's all my fault, my mistake
                   G                 G
Yeah it's difficult letting you down
             D/F#                      C
Knowing it's all my fault, that you're not around


G - D/F#Am - C (x2)
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