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I know its not 100% correct but it sounds ok to me.Cheyenne's secound cd(called Purple
supposed to be comeing out this summer or November or October dont know wich 1 I got 3
dates lol;)I got these chords from sum site (cant member wut its called tho)anyways hope 
guys like it!!!!

Artist:Cheyenne Kimball
Song:I Want To
Album:The Day Has Come

Intro:G Cdd9 D(x2)
 (verse 1)
G             Cadd9              D
I hope I'm born a thousand times
            G          Cadd9               D
It will give me more time to speak my mind
       G               Cadd9
And I hope I travel everywhere
          D                      G
And that everyone leads me to somewhere
     G          Cadd9         D
That I’ve have never been before
     G                 Cadd9
And if they won’t let me in
Then I’m breakin down the door
G           Cadd9
Because I want to want to
Everybody wants to
   G     Cadd9         D
Have a little fun in life
 G         Cadd9
U see I want to want to
Everybody wants you
       G    Cadd9         D
When you learn to have a good time
G            Cadd9
So breathe in and let go
           D                   G
Musics gonna rock until it rolls
G            Cadd9
Do I what I wanna do wanna do
Cause I want to want to

Verse 2(same)

if u need the lyrics just check google.If u dont have Cheyenne's current cd The Day Has
u can pick it up in probably any music store.Dont 4get to look out 4 her new cd;)pce!
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