• Song:

    Stranger To The Rain

  • Artist:

    Children Of Eden

  • Album:

    Children of Eden: Highl...

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Shed no tears for me
            F#m         E
There'll be rain enough today
    A                         C#m              E
I'm wishing you Godspeed as I wave you on your way
A                       D          A                D
This won't be the first time I've stayed behind to face
    E           D             A                 D
The bitter consequences of an ancient fall from grace
      A                       D
I'm a daughter of the race of Cain
A              D         A
I am not stranger to the rain

Orphan in the storm
         F#m              E
That's a role I've played before
And I've learned not to tremble
       C#m              E
When I hear the thunder roar
        D                  A
I don't curse what I can't change
I just play the hand I'm dealt
              F#m            A
And when they lighten up my rations
I tighten up my belt
        A                       D
I won't say I've never felt the pain
    A                D         A    Bm
But I am not a stranger to the rain

    F#m               G            D                  A
And for the boy who's given me the sweetest love I've known
  F#m         G                D           A
I wish for him another love so he won't be alone
G                                D               A
But I am bound to walk among the wounded and the slain
G             F#m           G            A
And when the storm comes crashing on the plain
        Bm              F#m                G              A
I will dance before the lightning to music sacred and profane

    D                 A
Oh, shed no tears for me
         D             G
Light no candle for my sake
     D               A
This journey I'll be making now
   D               A
Is one we all must make 
Shoulder to the wind
             D             G
I'll turn my face into the spray
And when the heavens open
        D                     A
Let the drops fall where they may
        D            G        D
If they finally wash away the stain
       F#m             G       A
From a daughter of the race of Cain
D          A       G           D Bm A
I am not a stranger to the rain 
            D Bm A D 
Let it rain!

For additional help listen to it; it's from Children of Eden the musical
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