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Where's Your Mom
Band: Chixdiggit
Album: Chixdiggit
Tuning: Normal
Pedals: Distortion
Tabbed by: Dana Corrigan


G   C   E   D

Intro: G, C, E, G, D

G                                         C
I get turned on by her arms in a hamper.  Parents that are daring
E                                   G    D
zipping in the comapies night.  I bet their getting sweaty.
G                                                 C
'Cause when I met you, you were a virgin in paper trying to be
E             G             D
wishing all I could at all your just not like your mom.

Chorus 2x
G                      C                     E
I look like your mom.  I act like your mom.  I smell like your mom
G             D
gonna come oh where's your mom?

Guitar Solo

No Guitar Just Bass

I had a dream she flew me to Vegas, tied me to the bed and played

bridge with her friends, and they were naked.  The next day she

took me out shopping, Bought me kids clothes just to dress me up

Oh God she said I was a bad boy

Guitar in- Chorus
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