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    Chris And Conrad

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    Chris And Conrad

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Chris and Conrad
Intro: C G Em D
capo 2

                                           C        G                                 Em       D
I've walked through the valley, been tossed in the storm
                           C         G                              Em     D
and all of the demons were coming for more
                                        C     G         Em      D 
the only way i made it out, i was alone
         C                   G               Em                     D       
You came to my rescue so i could make it home

                           C         G
You've got me falling
               Em                  D
More in love with you
                             C                 G
You've got me wrapped up
          Em                    D 
I can barely even move
tag: C G Em D
2nd verse: same chords

Even the good days
can fade into black
yeah, it can all change
it can happen so fast, so fast, so fast
I never even had a chance
if i was alone, 
if there was no rescue, i could never make it home

Repeat chorus

              Am                  Em
When no one could find me
        C                               D
and everyone else had already moved on
Am                  Em
you kept on reaching out
        C                                    D                                   C      Dsus4
you never gave up on me even when hope was gone
Tag: C G Em D

Website: www.chrisandconrad.com
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