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I Am The Cosmos 

D                           D\C#    
Every night I tell myself, "I am the cosmos,
Em G      A   Asus4 A      
I  am the wind"
    Em                 G     A Asus4 A
But that don't get you back again
D                           D\C#    
Just when I was starting to feel okay
Em     G      A   Asus4 A     
You're on the phone
  Em          G   A Asus4 A
I never wanna be alone

D                Bm Bsus2 Bm    
Never wanna be alone, 
  Am                       D7
I hate to have to take you home
G7                     C   G/B
Wanted too much to say no, no,
A     Em7   A Em7  A     Em7   A
Yeah, yeah, yeah,  Yeah, yeah, yeah
My feeling's always happening
Something I couldn't hide
I can't confide
Don't know what's going on inside

Verse 1 
D                      Bm B2 Bm    
I really wanna see you again
Em                 G        A Asus4 A
I'd really like to see you again     (repeat to fade)

PS: I took this song from another site but it wasn't posted in any general chords site

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