• Song:

    Forever Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Chris Brown

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Standard Tuning.
No Capo.
     C#m      B                 F#m                 E
It's you, and me, moving at the speed of light into eternity...
     C#m             B         F#m                      E
Well tonight, is the night, to join me in the middle of ecstacy...

Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music go 'round you, go 'round you...

Imma take you there, Imma take you there, so don't be scared, I'm right here, baby....

We can go anywhere, go anywhere, but first, it's your chance, take my hand...

Chorus: Same as Verse
C#m                      B                    F#m                      E
It's like I've waited my whole life, for this one night, it's gonna be me you and the dancefloor...
C#m                        B                   F#m                          
Because we've only got one night, double your pleasure, and double your 
fun, and dance forever!!

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