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Capo 2 

Intro - E5 , B5 , E5 , A5 , B5 , E5 , A5 

E5                                    B5      E5                            A5 
I remember the summer I turned sixteen, and that old jalopy daddy gave to me 
E5                                       B5     E5                                      A5 
it had holes in the floor and just a 305, but I didn't care 'cause I could finally drive 
E5                       A5       E5                              E5      A5                                  
there wasn't much to do in my hometown, so every weekend night, we would all go down... 
E5                                                B5 
there were freaks and hippies in my high school, football players all tyrin' to be cool 
E5                                         A5 
and everybody scramblin' to hide their beer, when the cops drove by 'til the coast was clear 
E5                                       B5 
kids fallin' in and out of love, on the hoods of chevys, in the beds of trucks 
E5                               B5                   A5 
we were stumblin' our way through life 'til our senior year,  
E5            B5           A5         
but man we sure did learn a lot, in that wal-mart parking lot  

Verse 2 
E5                                         B5         E5                                      A5 
she had long blonde hair and sea-green eyes, the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life 
E5                                              B5      E5                                        A5 
but I was young and dumb and didn't have a line, and all I could say was, "Can I call ya' sometime?" 
E5                  A5       E5                               A5 
she just said no and walked away, and that was the first time I felt my heart break 

Repeat Chorus 

E5         B5                 E5       A5    
    yeah we did a lot of living, it was small-town teenage heaven 

Repeat Chorus 

Verse 3 
E5                                            B5 
well I had my first kiss, my first love, got my ass kicked but I got back up 
E5                             A5                                 E5    B5  
lost my way, found it again, had one long buzz and a dozen best friends 
                         E5  A5 
in the wal-mart parking lot,       in that wal-mart parking lot
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