• Song:

    Walk Away

  • Artist:

    Chris Clouse

  • Album:


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Intro, verse, chorus: Am x3 (together fast) F (hold for awhile) 
                      C  x3 (together fast) G (hold for awhile)
(Intro x3)

Walked away

Could've been a little bit wiser
Should've been a millionaire
Could have held you a whole lot tighter
Acted like I did not care

I want to feel like I'm somewhere
In the middle of this
I want to feel like I'm not just slipping away

So I walked away, walked away
Because I heard you say that it'll never be the same
I shoulda walked away, walked away
The voice inside me shouts out loud
The silence feels more silent now

Walked away
Walked away

Tried to step a little bit calmer
Can't shock the passerbys
These tingles within her vision
A pushing child will never cry
My pillow lies right inside this rushing ferris wheel
I want to step up instead of spinning in place

F?r the instrumental, not really sure but i play it with Am repaeatedly. Sorry guitarists!

Am       C
I often wonder what's the truth
Am              F
Where not to go, what not to do
Am                      Dm ?
So many days inside this carnival wheel
Am                 Ab (hold)
So many ways you can move
Still you're standing still

(Chorus x2)

Coda: Repeat intro a few times before ending once with an intro played slow
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