• Song:

    Youre In My Hands

  • Artist:

    Chris Daughtry

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this is a song written by chris daughtry and rob thomas, and its (right now, as of
unreleased. He plays this live with only an acoustic guitar, so ill just list the chords.
is made for standard tuning, even though chris tunes down half step, but this way sounds 
if you're playing with the song on video. Listen to the video and song for strumming,
isn't tough. Also, use barre chords for every chords i listed.

Intro (x2)

G, F, C5

Verse - "Oh, Where did we go wrong.." (x2)

G, F, C5

Verse change- "If I remember.."

G, Bb5, F, C5

verse part (x3) "Where I go wrong?" "Where did we go now?" "Where did we go now?"

Verse change - "All is over.."

Verse part - "Oh, where did we go now?"

Pre-Chorus - "When you were.." (x3)

Bb5, G, F (im not so sure)

Chorus - "I'll wake you up in the middle of the night.."

G, Bb5, F, C5


G, F, C5 (he plays a Bb5 the time he sings the chorus before the bridge the last time.)

do the chorus chords twice.

Repeat as much as you need to (Listen to the song.)

- Bridge "in my hands... you're in my hands."

G, F, Bb5 (x2)

C5 (strum into the chorus) (this is when he sings in falsetto "ohhhhhhhhhhh" ).

Repeat the chorus til the end. Until he sings "While you're in my hands." (x3) at the
end, and he ends on the C5.

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