• Song:

    Risen Lords

  • Artist:

    Chris De Burgh

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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 96 15:30:28 MET
From: Wouter Janssen 
Subject: d/deburgh_chris/risen_lords.crd

Title : The risen lords
Artist: Chris De Burgh
Album : Flying colours
Transcription by Wouter Janssen 

Dm - Am - C - Bb
F - C - Dm

Dm                                 Bb                       C
Brother can you spare me food, and give me a drink of wine,
Dm                                 Bb
I've been travelling on this road, for such a long long time,
Am                                Bb
I have seen the wonders, but most amazing of them all,
  F            C        Bb           Am    Dm
I believe I've seen the face, of the Risen Lord;

Am-Dm Am-Dm


Dm                                 Bb                    C
On a night like this there came. A stranger on the road,
Dm                                   Bb
I saw him stumble, heard him fall, I helped him with his load,
    Am                               Bb
The further that we walked, well the heaver it became,
      F            C        Bb           Am     Dm
And I believe I've felt the weight from another world...

Am-Dm Am-Dm

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