• Song:

    The Getaway

  • Artist:

    Chris De Burgh

  • Album:

    Colour Collection

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Tom: Am

        Am               F                   C               F
1. The moon is on the bright side, but we thought of everything,
              C                       F       G         C
    send the word to the prisoners tonight, we`ll get away.
              E                Am            E                  Am
    When you hear signs of confusion come drifting through the door,
                F                              C         G
    get your belongings together, don't leave nothing behind,and :
 C   G       F                    - C - G          F
Hey boys tonight we`ll get away            to the other side,
 C    G       F                - C - G - F
hey, Lord, I wanna get away.
          Am                 F                C               F
2. We're sick and tired of hearing that the world is gonna blow,
                C                          F        G       C
    so there's something we'll do to the leaders before we go.
            E                    Am           E                 Am
    Let`s stick 'em in a room together, and make them fight it out,
                    F                               C          G
    until they see nothing from nothing will leave nothing at all, and :

3/E - Am-E - Am    E            Am E            Am  E          Am 
            Open the door - open the door - let me out - I wanna go -
     E               Am
    open the door - open the door    + REFRAIN    + REFRAIN
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