• Song:

    Forever Blue

  • Artist:

    Chris Isaak

  • Album:

    Best 1985-1998

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Tom: A

Intro: A   F#m   C#m

       A   F#m   C#m

       D   A   E7  A

       F   E7  A   E7
A     F#m    C#m      A
Nobody ever warns you
             F#m     C#m  D
or tells you what to do
            A   E7                 A    F
She walks away,    you're left to stay
          E7    A    E7
Alone, forever blue

A              F#m         C#m      A
The stars have all stopped shining
              F#m          C#m    D
The sun just won't break through
                A    E7                   A     F
Each day's the same,    more clouds more rain
Life, forever blue

Ab7                     A        Ab7
Forever blue 'cause you love her
                      A   D
but she doesn't love you
              A    E7               A    F
You did your best,    life did the rest
               E7    A    E7
You're left forever blue
Repeat the intro part for the no-vocals part

(the first part, however, goes like this:
 A   F#m   C#m 
               -4---3-- | E
               -5---4-- | B
               -6---5-- | G
               -6---5-- | D 
A          F#m     C#m     A
No reason left for living
                F#m    C#m   D
still there's a lot to do
              A   E7               A    F
New tears to cry,    old songs to sing
            E7    A    F
and feel forever blue
          E7    Gm  Em  Dm   A
and be forever              blue
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