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A Pretty Good Guy

There's a [G] couple old people live across the road
I keep the [C] volume down on my radio [Bb/G]
All the [G] neighbors say when [D] I walk by
He's a [G] pretty good guy

I'm certified in CPR
And if you [C] asked me to I'd fix your car [Bb/G]
It's just the [G] way I am
I got a [D] pretty good life
I'm a [G] pretty good guy

Just [C] one good man
All the good ones are gone
Hey [Am] play it again
I [D] like that song

There's a [G] pretty good guy
Walking up the street
And you'd [C] be surprised
He looks a lot like me [Bb/G]
Since [G] you've been gone I've [D] realized
That [C] you were wrong [Bb/G]
I'm a [G] pretty good guy
And it[C] didn't take long......[Bb/G]
I'm a [G] pretty good guy
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