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Bm          D                                                            
I was 18 my brother was 21
Bm                   D
One saturday evening when all the work was done
A                         G
We went down to the river we had some lines to run
Bm                D
My brother Walter Had a fight the week before
Bm                          D
Knocked a boy named wilson through the pool hall door
A                              G
They say dont mess with wilson, unless you want a war
Bm                              D
We put the boat in the water, and we made that engine run
Bm                     D
Loaded up the lantern against the sinkin' sun
A                      G
And my brother Walter, was loading his gun
D             A             G
And    we    went   down    the    river 

I hope it sounds ok, I figured it out by ear. I dont know if it's 100% or not.
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