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Bb Eb F Bb 
Bb               F  
Well I remember William 
Eb                        Bb 
We weren't much more than kids 
    Eb                Bb 
His family lived in a run down shack 
         F                       Eb 
Like the rest of the white trash did 
Bb              F 
Now me and ole William 
           Eb                   Bb 
We used to smoke out behind the barn 
        Eb                        Bb         
Til his daddy caught him stealing cigarettes 
F                                Bb 
I still think he broke William's arm 
Bb                    F 
When I was drinkin my first beer 
     Eb                 Bb 
Ole William was getting high 
       Eb                       Bb 
He got kicked out of school for fightin and drugs 
       F                  Eb 
And he stayed out late at night 
Bb                 F 
He never said too much about home 
        Eb             Bb 
Or the bruises on his back 
Eb          Bb 
I asked him about em one time 
       F               Eb 
But he never answered back 
Yeah William 
     F               Bb 
You grew up hard and mean 
    Eb                        Bb 
You weren't the apple of your mama's eye 
         F                      Eb 
And your daddy was a burned out fiend 
Bb                      F 
For what it's worth now William 
           Eb                      Bb 
I know you could've had a heart of gold 
            Eb                           Bb 
But I don't think you ever knew that you had one 
         F                  Bb   Eb  F  Bb 
I don't think you were ever told 

Bb                 F  
He spent a year in reform school 
         Eb                  Bb 
Cause he broke in a hardware store 
Eb                                Bb 
Now me and William lost track of each other 
         F             Eb 
I never saw him much anymore 
Bb                  F 
The last time I seen William 
       Eb                  Bb 
He was married and had two kids 
            Eb                   Bb 
He tried to raise em like he was supposed to 
                 F                        Eb 
But sometimes he raised em like his daddy did 
Bb                    F   
Well just last Sunday mornin 
      Eb               Bb 
Momma called me on the phone 
                Eb                     Bb 
Said there's a story in the paper about William 
                   F             Eb 
She just thought I might like to know 
Bb               F 
He got shot by a city cop 
             Eb              Bb 
While he was robbin a local drugstore 
       Eb                     Bb 
He was survived by two hungry kids, a wife 
      F                    Eb 
and a pool of blood on the floor 
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