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Tabbed By Larry Mofle

          C5           G5             A5         F5           C5         G5
There's a full moon tonight, on the prairie, a memory just rode into view
     C5      G5         A5                             F5                           G5
Of a boy, a buckskin, and an ole Spaniel dog, in the hills where the bluebonnets grew
           C5           G5        A5            F5         C5         G5
Well I was deep in the heart of Texas, just a kid 'bout 13 at the time
        C5                G5             ASm                          F5               G5    
Runnin' wild through the mesquite, the cedars and cactus. it's been years, but your 
still on my mind

F5         G5             C5
No matter where I might wander
          F5           G5          C5
There's a memory that I'll never lose
    F5                G5          C5          A5
The Lone Star shines bright, in my heart tonight
    F5            G5          C5
And I've got the bluebonnet blues

I remember those warm summer's evenin's, playin' out under the stars
Back then I never dreamed we'd ever be leavin', aw, but I guess things just don't stay 
as they are
Well the years and the miles came between us, but tonight as I'm dreamin' of you
Once again, I'm a kid, in the sweet arms of Texas and I've got the blue bonnet blues


The Lone Star shines bright in my heart tonight
I've got the blue bonnet blues
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