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This is a great song and fairly simple to play, after listening to the 
song which is on Rodeo Rock 'n' Roll Collection, you should get the 
strumming down. 
I've Got To Be A Rodeo Man - Chris LeDoux 
D                                C 
Sometimes this old road 
G                                                D 
Get's so damn lonesome away from home 
C                      G                         D 
Ain't no way in sigth head on back 
D                        C 
Nobody knows the way it feels 
G                                    D 
Suffer through this living hell 
C                            G                            D 
Less you been on down that road yourself 
D                                C 
Boy don't ya know I ain't really a bum 
G                                            D 
I was once a clean cut mothers son 
   C                                      G                  D 
And you know down deep inside I still am 
C                            G                            D 
But this rodeo life's got it's hold on me 
C                        G                            D 
And there aint no way to set me free 
C                                G                    D 
You know I've gotta be a rodeo man 

D C G D 
Verse 2 played same 
Skinny old dog on the rodeo grounds 
Scroungin', sniffin', lookin around 
In alot of ways I'm just like him 
Cause I'm eating up scraps off the dinner table 
In a greasy cafe' til I'm able 
Ride those broncs good enough to win 
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