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G                F               C                    G         F       C                        
Girl I recognize the smoke in your eyes. I've seen it in mine too 
G                            F               C                  G                                      F       C 
We both have been burned, hard lessons learned, from making some bad moves. 
G                                F          C            G 
We keep looking for the perfect time and place 
                                   F             C              G 
Good things don't always come to those who wait 
                      F             C             G 
Sometimes you've got to make your own fate 
G                   F                   C        G                      F  C       G 
If there ever was a moment that felt so right, this is one     tonight 
G                  F             C           G                       F  C  G 
If there ever was a reason to hold on tight, this is one      tonight 
                                                 F              C 
We've been beatin' 'round the bush, we've been bidin' our time 
G                                           F             C 
We've been searching the skies for a heavenly sign 
         G                   F                  C                  G                     F  C  G       
But if you're looking for a love that's the keepin' kind, this is one     
I've spent too many nights, wishing that I, could say what I'm saying 
Moments like this should be lost in a kiss, and not in debating 
We got nothing to lose but precious time 
Sooner or later gotta lay it on the line 
Roll the dice and put your hand in mine 
Chorus x2
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