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Verse I
I can see you got your eye on this ol' cowboy
I can tell you've never had one for your own
Well you've never been around one
Now you're thinkin' that you found one
         E                              A
And it might be kinda' fun to take him home

Verse II
You giggle every time that I say, "Yes, ma'am"
And I get this feelin' if I held you tight
You'd be seein' his and her's
Buckles, boots, and spurs
But that's a feelin' you'd get over overnight

       D                          A
'Cause what you gonna' do with a cowboy?
D                               A
When that ol' rooster crows at dawn
When he's lyin' there instead
Of getting' out of bed                    (Not so sure) 
E                                          A D A E D=>
And puttin' on his boots and getting' gone.
    (D)                               A
And what you gonna do when he says, "Honey."
D                        A
"I got half a mind to stay."
D                         F#m
What you gonna do with a cowboy
     E                             A
When he don't saddle up and ride away

Verse III
Well you can see it takes a special kinda woman
To put up with the life a cowboy leads
Cause his boots are always muddy,
And his beer drinkin' buddies
They'll camp out on your couch and never leave

Verse IV
Don't even start to think you're gonna change him
You'd be better off tryin' to rope the wind
Cause what he is is what you've got
And he can't be what he's not
And honey, you can't hide him from your friends
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