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This song is played in barr chords at the 3rd and 5th frets. There is 
also a chord riff that is repeated throughout the song. It's A  G  D  G 
A, if you listen to it a few times it's not too difficult to get. 
 A5                               G5                   D5                G5     A5 
Well, I'm just a Workin' Man's Dollar      In the pocket of his old blue jeans 
    A5                          G5                         D5            G5     A5 
I ain't like my Wall Street brother          He's in a bank so shiny and clean 
            A5              G5                       D5                  G5     A5 
Well, I'm faded and I'm wrinkled               Tattered and stained with sweat 
             A5                     G5                 D5                      A5 
But I'm the 1st one called when Uncle Sam  Needs a hand with the National Debt 
   A5                      G5                             D5             G5     A5 
I've been wages for the farm hand                For drivin' an old John Deere 
                             G5                          D5             G5     A5 
I've been laid on a bar in a tavern      To buy a workin' man an ice-cold beer 
                                     G5                    D5                  A5 
I've been tipped to a truck-stop waitress               Taped where I was torn 
                                    G5                      D5               A5 
And in the hand of a child  I was laid on a plate  In a church on Sunday morn 
      D5                                                    A5 
They say I'm the root of all evil                I bring lust, power and greed 
                                     G5                  D5                  A5 
But this Workin' Man's Dollar only buys the things  A workin' man really needs 
A5                               G5                   D5                G5     A5 
Well, they say I'm worth about fifty-cents         In this modern inflated age 
A5                          G5                        D5                G5     A5 
But don't tell that to the young man slavin'      To make it on a minimum wage 
A5                         G5                            D5             G5     A5 
Or that single workin' mother             She's been scapin' to make ends meet 
                                G5                      D5                   A5 
To make a house a home   Keep food on the table   And shoes on her baby's feet 
A5                           G5                          D5             G5     A5 
Well, I know my days are numbered      I'm gettin' threadbare and wearin' thin 
A5                              G5                                D5          A5 
And they'll replace me with another                    But I'd do it all again 
A5                               G5   
Cuz I've seen this great big country 
              D5                A5 
Passed from hand to callused hand 
A5                               G5 
And I've got to say that I'm mighty proud  
          D5           G5      A5 
That I belong to a workin' man 
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