• Song:

    Road To Hell Part 1

  • Artist:

    Chris Rea

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This is the first part of the song, or the intro if you listen to the full version (its
youtube). Its not difficult, but it wasnt here i just figured it might be convenient for 
one day where it wasnt here for me.

The timing is quite odd, and it doesn't really work just playing chords but you can find 
own way of doing it, escpecially if you add some really bluesy vocals it sounds neat.

Also, dont tell me its wrong...i know its not ;)

Here it is:

AmStood (x02210@1)still on a highway
	E7I (020130@1)saw a woman
		    AmBy (x02210@1)the side of the road
With a face that I knew like my own
 		 E7Reflected (020130@1)in my window
	  AmWell (x02210@1)she walked up to my quarterlight
	DmAnd (xx0231@1)she bent down real slow
	  Am (x02210@1)   E7A (020130@1)fearful pressure paralysed me
      AmIn (x02210@1)my shadow
			   E7 (020130@1)   AmShe (x02210@1)said "Son, what are you doing here?
				      E7My (020130@1)fear for you has turned me in my grave"
	AmI (x02210@1)said "Mama, I come to the valley of the rich
DmMyself (xx0231@1)to sell"
	  Am (x02210@1)              E7 (020130@1)   Am (x02210@1)          E7She (020130@1)said "Son, this is the road to Hell"
         AmOn (x02210@1)your journey 'cross the wilderness
	  DmFrom (xx0231@1)the desert to the well
       	  Am (x02210@1)          	E7 (020130@1)              AmYou (x02210@1)have strayed upon the motorway to Hell

...into part 2...



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