• Song:

    Altar Of Our Praise

  • Artist:

    Chris Tomlin

No Turning Back-Chris Tomlin						key of Eb

Eb      Bb      Ab
I will follow you
Eb      Bb      Ab
I will Follow You
Cm                     Ab
No turning Back
Bb                      Eb
No turning Back

Eb                            Bb                                    Eb                      Ab
This is my heart cry, though none go with me.  The Cross before me, no world behind me

Verse 2
Eb                           Bb                                 Eb                              Ab
This is my anthem, my life for your fame.  My every move bring glory to your name

Eb                           Bb                                 Eb                 Ab
The cross before me, the world behind me. I will follow, I will follow

Hold Ab last bridge into No turning back
-Tabbed by Jason
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