• Song:

    Famous One

  • Artist:

    Chris Tomlin

  • Album:

    Famous One (Performance...

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D           D/F#      G
You are the Lord, the famous one, famous one;
Bm            A               D
Great is your Name in all the earth.
D           D/F#           G
The heavens declare You're glorious, glorious;
Bm            A               D
Great is your fame beyond the earth.

        Em                  Bm
And for all You've done and yet to do,
     G                D
With every breath I'm praising You.
   Em                 Bm
Desire of nations and every heart,
    C                  A
You alone are God, You alone are God.

    Em              Bm
The morning star is shining through,
    G            D
And every eye is watching You.
   Em                Bm
Reveal by nature and miracles,
        C                  A
You are beautiful, You are beautiful.
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