• Song:

    God Of This City

  • Artist:

    Chris Tomlin

  • Album:

    God Of This City (Perfo...

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Verse 1:
                       CYou're (x32010@1)the God of this city
		         G/BYou're (143121@7)the King of these people
		        Am7You're (x02010@1)the Lord of this nation
    FYou (133211@1)are

Verse 2:
			  CYou're (x32010@1)the light in this darkness
		        G/BYou're (143121@7)the hope to the hopeless
			Am7You're (x02010@1)the peace to the restless
    FYou (133211@1)are

Pre Chorus:
Am7 (x02010@1)    G/B (143121@7)        FThere (133211@1)is no one like our God
Am7 (x02010@1)    G/B (143121@7)           F (133211@1)   GThere (320003@1)is no one like our God

F (133211@1) 
Greater things have yet to come
GGreater (320003@1)things are still to be done 
	  C (x32010@1)  G/B (143121@7)  Am7In (x02010@1)this city
FGreater (133211@1)things have yet to come
G (320003@1)                                 CGreater (x32010@1)things are still to be done here

(C)   G/B (143121@7)  Am7 (x02010@1) F (133211@1) 
Am7 (x02010@1) G/B (143121@7)  F (133211@1)(2x)

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