• Song:

    Remember When Push Rewind

  • Artist:

    Chris Wallace

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Hope you enjoy!

                Em                      G
I'm sitting with an empty glass and a broken heart,

        Em                      D
Thinking to myself what have I done,

                Em                      G
Cause as my future got bright we started losing light,

        Em                              D
And I couldn't see that you were the one,

So can we push push push rewind,

Go go back in time,

Em                          G
When we were kids sneaking bottles of wine,

Em                      G
Take take take me back, I wanna go back,

Em              D
Back to what we had!

                G          Em
Do you remember when we started this mess,

    G                           D
My heart was beating out of my chest!,

          G        Em
Remember when we stole your dad's car,

    G                              D
I never thought we'd take it that far,

             G                     Em
Oh we were flying so high, yeah partners in crime,

    G                    D
So why'd we ever say good bye?,

          G        Em              D
Remember when we, when we, had it all

Do you remember when...

Happy Playing!
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