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Song   : Something So Real
Artist : Christ For The Nations
Album  : Perfect Love
Key    : D
Standard EADGBe tuning

Verse 1
D            G                Em           Asus4  A
You've given me something so real, it's unexplainable
It has no end, its power is strong, to cast my fear away

It's so forgiving, everlasting, unconditional

      Em               A         D   A/C#   G
It's ever-present, overwhelming, uncontainable

      D      A/C#  Bm                    G
Your love is wonderful it overflows my heart
    D       A/C#        Bm                      G    Bm   A
No love is quite like Yours, it comforts and restores

Verse 2
Love that is true, it makes all things new, it gives me strength again
I'll never find love so divine, that satisfies my soul

G   A  
G   D   A
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