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    His Sheep Am I

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This is an old Christian song, one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ~Alyssa

His Sheep Am I

          DIn (xx0232@1)God's green pastures feeding
         ABy (x02220@1)His cool waters lie
A7Soft (x02020@1)in the evening
        Dwalk (xx0232@1)my Lord and I
                       D7All (xx0212@1)the sheep of His pasture
Em/G (322000@1)             Em7
fare so wondrously fine
D/A (x00232@1)   A7 (x02020@1)   D (xx0232@1) His sheep am I

D (xx0232@1)     GWaters (320003@1)Cool    (in the valley)
G (320003@1)      Dpastures (xx0232@1)green (on the mountain)
D (xx0232@1)     A7 (x02020@1)        DIn (xx0232@1)the evening walk my Lord and I

D (xx0232@1)      GDark (320003@1)the night (in the valley)
G (320003@1)      Drough (xx0232@1)the way  (on the mountain)
D (xx0232@1)     A7 (x02020@1)                   DStep (xx0232@1)by Step______  my Lord and I

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