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This song was performed by Lindsey McDonald (Christian Kane) in the Angel
episode "Dead End". As far as I can tell this song has not been released on CD
yet, but it can be found on the various Angel fansites (that's what I did).

If you have any comments or corrections for the tab, please mail me at gotya@e-mail.dk


Em     |022000| 
Am     |x02210|
C      |x32010|
D      |xx0242|
G      |320033|
Cadd9  |032030|

Listen to song for strumming pattern


Am   C


Em                      G
Pretty girl on every corner 
Cadd9                  Em
Sunshine turns the sky to gold
Em                      G     Cadd9
Warm warm its always warm here 
      Am              C
And i can't take the cold


Em                         G
Streets littered with diamonds 
Cadd9            Em
Everyone is glistening
Em                            G    Cadd9
This whole world shines so brightly 
Am                   C        C  C
And I can't see a thing  

G                 Em
she's pretty as a picture
G                 Em
She is like a golden ring
Am                       C
Circles me with love and laughter
                  C         C  D  C
And i cant feel a thing

C             D      G          Em           C  
The sky's gonna open people gonna pray and crawl
C                       D           Em     
it's gonna rain down fire gonna burn us all 
C             D      G         Em           C 
The sky's gonna open people gonna pray and sing
Am             C        Em
well i cant feel 

(Off the TV series Angel) 

Tabbed by Some Idiotâ„¢
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