• Song:

    Thinking Of You

  • Artist:

    Christian Kane

  • Album:

    The House Rules

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Thinking of You    (Db)                                                       by 
Christian Kane

Tune down ½ step to  Eb Ab C# G Bb Eb

Intro:  EmDEmD

          Em                                D
Well I know they say all good things  must come to some kind of ending
               Em                                D
We were so damn good, I guess we never stood a chance
           Em                                            D
Go on and find what you’ve been missin’  but when that highway’s tired of listening
       C                           Asus4 -  A
You’ll see I’m not that easy to forget

G                                           D
And when a new moon shines through your window  Or you hear a sad song on the radio
          Em                                  D
And you don’t know why but you just start to cry
             G                                      D
Or you’re drivin’ round on a sunny day And out of nowhere comes a pourin’ rain
       C                                   Asus4 - A
And a memory hits you right out of the blue
            G      A              Em - D
That’s just me, thinkin’ of you

        Em                                D
I’m not gonna try to stop you It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to
     Em                                     D
If I know you, you’ve already made up your mind
             Em                                   D
So go on and go if you’re really leavin’  Put a million miles between us
           C                                             Asus4 - A
But you’ll still feel me like I’m right there at your side

Repeat Chorus
            G      A         G
That’s just me, thinkin’ of you

And I’m thinkin’ about the road you’re on
I’m thinkin’ about you comin' home

                                    Asus4 -  A -  G - 
D - C
I’m a wonderin’ if you’ve got your radio on
                                (Walk Down Bass Line Pitches: D-C#-B-A-G-G)
              G                                  D
And when you find your way to another town And someone tries to lay you down

       C                                   Asus4 - A
And a feeling hits you right out of the blue
     G     A          G
It’s me, thinkin’ of you
          G       A           EmDEm  
- D
It’s just me, thinkin’ of you
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