• Song:

    Silent Night

  • Artist:

    Christina Aguilera

  • Album:

    The Very Best Of Christ...

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Title: Christina Aguilera

Artist/band: Silent Night

Source of Chords: Charlie Edsel Valera              

          For Comments/Suggestions email us @ charlieedsel

Intro: G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9

 Cadd9 (x32030@1)name="chord_xx0233@1">Dsus    G (320003@1)  Em7
Silent night, holy night

Cadd9 (x32030@1) Dsus (xx0233@1)   G (320003@1)    Em7
All is calm and all is bright

Cadd9 (x32030@1)    Dsus (xx0233@1)  G (320003@1)       Em7
Round yon virgin mother and child

Cadd9 (x32030@1)name="chord_xx0233@1">Dsus        G (320003@1)      Em7
Holy infant so tender and mild

 Cadd9 (x32030@1)   Dsus (xx0233@1)  Em7       Cadd9Sleep (x32030@1)in heavenly peace

            Dsus (xx0233@1)  GSleep (320003@1)in heavenly peace

Bridge: G  Cadd9  Em7  Cadd9

Cadd9  Dsus   G   Em7
Silent night, holy night

Cadd9 (x32030@1)    Dsus (xx0233@1)G (320003@1)    Em7
Shepherds quake at the sight

Cadd9 (x32030@1)  Dsus (xx0233@1)       G (320003@1)   Em7
Glories stream from Heaven afar

 Cadd9 (x32030@1)  Dsus (xx0233@1) G (320003@1)  Em7
Heavenly hosts sing halleluiah

 Cadd9 (x32030@1)    Dsus (xx0233@1)    G (320003@1)     Cadd9Christ (x32030@1)the savior is born

            Dsus (xx0233@1)    GChrist (320003@1)our savior is born

Bridge: G  Cadd9  Em7  Cadd9

Cadd9 (x32030@1) G (320003@1)    DsusSilent (xx0233@1)night, holy night

Son of God

             Cadd9Love's (x32030@1)pure light

          G (320003@1)                DsusRadiant (xx0233@1)beams from thy holy face

          Em7               Cadd9With (x32030@1)the dawn of redeeming grace

Cadd9 (x32030@1)Dsus (xx0233@1)     Em7     Cadd9Jesus (x32030@1)Lord at thy birth

Cadd9 (x32030@1)Dsus (xx0233@1)       G (320003@1) 
Jesus  Lord at thy birth

Cadd9   Em7   Cadd9

        G (320003@1)        Dsus (xx0233@1)      Em7   G (320003@1)Dsus (xx0233@1)Em7   Cadd9Halleluia! (x32030@1) Halleluia!  Halleluia!

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