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Artist: Christina Perri
Song: Tragedy
Album: The Ocean Way Sessions EP
Tabbed By: King Of Suede
E-mail: kingofsuede(at)verizon.net

E7 Voicing: xx2130

Intro: Dm A

If you could envision
The meaning of a tragedy 

Dm                                A
You might be surprised to hear it's you and me
When it comes down to it
You never made the most of it

Dm                           A
So I cry cry cried but now I say goodbye
Dm                             A
And I won't be made a fool of
Don't call this love

Dm A C G Dm

Dm                                 A
When did you decide I didn't have enough to buy
Forgive and forget you a thousand times
For the fire and the sleepless nights
Dm                            A
And I won't be made a fool of
                Dm    A
Don't call this love
      C         G
Don't call this love
Dm              A            
Lalalalala-love Lalalalalala-love
C          G         Dm
Lalalalala lalalala- love

C                                                          Dm
Why did you feel the need to prove that everybody else was right
N.C.       E7
No I won't fight

Dm A 

Dm              A          C
Ohhhh you're my Tragedy... Tragedy
          G         Dm
You're my Tragedy ooohh
     A  C    G    
This is ohhh no no no no no
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