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From: David #6 

(Words in parentheses are spoken or sung outside of the musical

by Christine Lavin

The [D]first time that she saw him
  was in the [G]office canteen
He was [Bb]buying a cup of coffee --
  [A]three sugars and double cream
[D]Two weeks later she saw him
  at the ele[G]vator banks
His [A]hands were full, she held the doors for
  [G]him and he said [D]thanks

Now she's in [Bm]love
For her it doesn't take [F#]much
She's in [Bm]love
But this is not your [A]ordinary office crush
For [Bm]she works in the [D]basement
  [G]near the boiler room door
And [D]he works in [A]accounting
  on the [G]37th [D]floor

Now I'm not [D]much of a mathematician
  but even [G]I can see
That in a [Bb]building of 37 floors
  and [A]four thousand employees
Her [D]chances of running into him were really
  [G]not that good
Even though she [A]hung out at the canteen and rode the elevator
  [G]every spare minute she [D]could

'Cause she's in [Bm]love
And she don't even know his [F#]name (it's Edwin)
She's in [Bm]love
Love can be [A]such a cruel cruel game
For [Bm]she works in the [D]basement
  [G]near the boiler room door
And [D]he works in [A]accounting
  on the [G]37th [D]floor

(And by the way, did I happen to mention...)
That when this [A]building was constructed
  it was [Bm]done improperly
And [A]one day on the fourth floor
  there was a [Bm]short in the electricity
It [A]burned up walls and desks and chairs
  and [Bm]all the secretaries
And the [A]alarm did not go off until it
  [Bm]reached floor 33
Floor thirty-[A]three, floor thirty-[Bm]three

(And on the upper floors people were running and screaming and
jumping out of windows to get away from the flames -- it was

Now the [A]woman in the basement,
  [Bm]she ran up the stairs
[A]Out the emergency exit
  [Bm]into the fresh air
[A]She looked up because just then
  [Bm]it began to shower
That's [A]when she saw her true love coming...
  one [Bm]hundred miles an hour
Oh-[A]oh, Oh [Bm]no....

I'm not [D]much of a mathematician,
  but even [G]I can see
The [Bb]chances of him landing on her
  were [A]very slim indeed (but he did!)
So they [D]buried them together
  the [G]following day
And even [A]now when I ride the elevator
  [G]I can hear someone [D]say

She was in [Bm]love
For her it didn't take [F#]much
She was in [Bm]love
But this was not your [A]ordinary office... crush
For [Bm]she worked in the [D]basement
  [G]near the boiler room door
And [D]he worked in [A]accounting
  on the [G]37th floor

[Bm]She worked in the [D]basement
  and [G]he the 37th floor
But [D]fate brought them to[A]gether,
  they [G]flirted never[D]more

Nevermore, nevermore...

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