• Song:

    Tread Light

  • Artist:

    Christopher Williams

  • Album:

    Side Streets - Live

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"Tread Light"
	by Christopher Williams
		tabbed by Tim Cummings

Chris apparently plays this song with a full capo on the first fret,
and a cut capo on the 3rd.  However, this version sounds damn close
for those of us who aren't blessed with a cut capo.  Just listen to
the song for the rythms and changes... it's pretty simple.  Some of
the words may be wrong because his lyrics tent to blend with 
each other; any changes are welcome!

Capo 1st Fret

Chords (relative to capo):

   -D-  -C-  -A-  -A#-  -F#-

e --0----0----0----0-----0--------------------
b --0----0----0----0-----0--------------------
g --2----4----4----2-----1--------------------
d --2----4----2----2-----2--------------------
a 0h4----2----x----0-----2--------------------
E --x----x----4----x-----0--------------------

Walk-Up (in change-up and chorus):

e --0---------------0---0---------------0----
b --0---------------0---0---------------0----
g --1---1---2-/-4---4---4-----------1---2----
d --2---------------4---2---2---4-------2----
a --2---------------2---x---------------0----
E --0---------------x---4---------------x----

Verse 1:

D  C  A  A#

I'm like the back door
Shut each window tight
from the front is the only way
that I could leave it all behind

I had to find you
I knew that it was time
and every creak in that staircase made me want
to change my mind

Change-up: F# C A A#

Verse 2:

D C A A#

The door flew open
pushing in the deep blues of the meriads
that the moments I remeber
every single word that you said

not knowing where you went
is like a letter sealed and never sent
but I kept searching ungrateful
for every failed attempt


F# C A A#

Tread light
on the ground beneath your feet
and go
trust you'll find what you need

Verse 3:

D C A A#

You always didn't like the edge
where water cut cold and fast
where once slammed by a jealous heart
go erase an entire past

We sat in silence
and for once is was enough for us both
more was said in that moment
than any words that I ever wrote



These words fell from my lips
As easy as gospel music
you knew all along
what this journey would bring

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