• Song:

    Could It Be

  • Artist:

    Christy Carlson Romano

  • Album:

    Christy Carlson Romano

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Most People Din Understand My Tab On This Song... So Now... Here's The Chords To The Song...

Intro :


Verse :
A      E          D       E
I Know we've been friends forever
    A              E                 D       E
But now I think Im feeling something totally new
    A              E       D           E 
and after all this time I opened up my eyes
       D            B
noe I see you were always with me

Chorus :
E             B
  could it be you & I
C#m        A
never imagined
E             B           C#m         A       
  could it be suddenly Im fallin' for you
E                    B                        C#m     
could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew
A          B     E
could it be that its true
     A          E
Its you and its you
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