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Christy Nockels
Carry Your Name
From "Passion: Here For You"
Tabbed by thechadmiller (Twitter)

Here it is for guitar. To play it on the piano, transpose every chord up
3 half steps to play it in the key of F. The previous entry is off on some
parts, but this one is accurate.

Capo 3
G - Bm - A

Verse 1
G     A            D  Dsus2
How merciful the cross
G     A            D  Dsus2
How powerful the blood
G     Asus4    D/F#              Bm            A
How beautiful Your arms open for us, open for us

Chorus 1
G                Bm              Dsus4  D    Asus4 A 
No greater love, God's only Son, Je  -  sus, Je  - sus
G              Bm              Dsus4  D    Asus4 A 
No other name, mighty to save, Je  -  sus, Je  - sus

Verse 2
G     A                 D  Dsus2
By Your wounds we are healed
G     A            D  Dsus2
And You have conquered the grave
G          Asus4           D/F#                Bm               Asus4  A
And in Your rising we will rise to carry Your name above every name

Chorus x2

Dsus4             D     Dsus4      D     Bm                   Asus4  A
I will carry Your name, carry Your name, Jesus, Your name forever
Dsus4           D     Dsus4      D     Bm                   Asus4  A
For all of my days, in all of my ways, Jesus, Your name forever

Chorus out
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