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Waiting Here for You
Smith, Tomlin, Reeves

Capo 3 -    CAm - G
   C					       Am			G
If faith can move the mountains, let the mountains move
   C                             Am               G   F
We come with expectation, we are waiting here for You
                   CAm - G
Waiting here for You

   C					            Am			      G
You’re the Lord of all creation, and still You know my heart
   C                             		     Am               G   		F
You’re the author of salvation, You’ve loved us from the start

                     C		       Dm
Waiting here for You, with our hands
    Am    G        F
Lifted hi  -  gh in praise
               C		  Dm
It is You, we adore
 			            Am     G      Am    G - F
Singing Al  -  le   -  lu  -  ia

CAmG – 2x

   C					            	    Am		G
You are everything you’ve promised, your faithfulness is true
   C                             		     		  Am               	G - F
When we’re desperate for your presence, All we need is You


         F    Am G
Singing Al-le-lu -ia 4x

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