• Song:


  • Artist:

    City Boy

  • Album:

    Heads Are Rolling

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Intro: Cm7?G7sus-Dm7-G7sus; (2x)

Cm7       C                                      F-Dm                               
Speechless, I wish there were something to say 
    Dm7               Fm6
I drank too much of you 
                 C(/G)        F(/C)
And now you've gone to my head 
     Dm7               G7sus           
I'm laughing like a fool, you leave me... 

Cm7       C                                   F-Dm
Speechless, and words I'm rehearsing all day 
      Dm7                 Fm6
Are caught up in the traffic 
          C/G            F(/C)
Getting lost in their way 
       Dm7               G7sus             
They're always left unsaid 
You leave me speechless

Adlib: Cm7?G7sus-Dm7-G7sus; (2x)

Cm7    C                                  F-Dm
Restless, I count every step to the phone 
     Dm7              Fm6
And when I get the nerve to dial 
       C/G           F/C
Then you're never home 
    Dm7             G7sus            C                     
So here I am alone and feeling restless


   Am         Dm7             G7
I wanted to say you're unbelievable 
      C            Em7               C     G,G6,G7,G
But then, I got caught up on my own reply
       Am            Dm7              G7                  C
If I asked you to stay around to hear what I might say 
        Em7                C        G,G6,G7,G 
Would I see the answers in your eyes

Cm7       C                                     F-Dm
Speechless, I look for the right things to say 
   Dm7               Fm6/G#     C/G           F/C
Whoever stole my dictionary tore out the page 
    Dm7            G7                   Adlib  
It happens everyday you leave me speechless

Adlib: C--Em7-F-Dm

Repeat Refrain---

Cm7       C                      Em7          F-Dm
Speechless, I know that it's all down to you 
   Dm7                   Fm6/G#      C/G           F/C 
You see I'm not responsible I've met my full moon
       Dm7               G7 pause 
There's nothing I can do 
                Cm7     C
You leave me speechless
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