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A5  E5  F#5

  A5     E5   F#5
A heart full of love

  A5     E5   F#5
A heart full of song

I'm doing everything all wrong

Oh God, for shame

I do not even know your name

Dear Mad'moiselle

G5           C5
  Won't you say?

F5           A5     E5   F#5
  Will you  tell?
          A heart full of love

   A5     E5  F#5
No fear, no   regret

My name is Marius Pontmercy

And mine's Cosette

Cosette, I don't know what to say

Then make no sound

G5     C5
  I am lost

F5       A5     E5   F#5
  I am  found!
      A heart full of light

  A5     E5     F#5
A night bright as day
A heart full   of you

And you must never go away

Cosette, Cosette

                            D5      G5
This is a chain we'll never break

G5      C5
  Do we dream?

F5          A5     E5    F#5
  We're a--wake!
         A heart full of love

F#5                  A5     E5   F#5
He was never mine to lose
                  A  heart full of you

F#5                                     B5
Why______________regret what could not be?
   A single look and_________then  I   knew.

          Bb5                             D5
I knew it too
             These are words he'll never say

G5               C5           F5          Bb5
  Not to me            Not to me, not to me.
            From today
                                         Ev'ry day,

    Eb5          G5       Bb5
His heart_______full  of love.
         for it isn't a  dream ,

         C5  F5          Bb5
Not a    dream af---ter  all.
he  will never feel this way.
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