• Song:

    Time Drags By

  • Artist:

    Cliff Richard

  • Album:

    The Platinum Collection

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TIME DRAGS BY -  Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Tabbed by Roj Vincent

Intro: G E A D   G E A D

G                           E
Sittin' in the sun like an old Tom cat
A                          D
That just dont know just where he's at
G             E
And I must admit to you
A                  D
Right now I feel that way too

     Ain't got no-where to go
     Nobody,    wants to know
          A          D       G
     And time drags by real slow

G                           E
Sittin' on a log watch the World go by
A                     D
Fat old frog thinking My Oh My
G                E
Funny thing the human race
A                      D
Rush here, rush there, get no place


We've come a long way

Looks like the wrong way
And now were broke
Even a day here's too long a stay here
     G                 F   G
And that's no joke oh  oh  oh  

G                               E
What a day it's been and it's getting worse
A                    D
There must be a way to reverse
G           E 
Situations such as these
A                 D
If there is then tell us please


A           D       G
Time drags by real slow
Don't you just know that
A           D       G
Time drags by real slow,    slow,    slow,  slow.

Great little song - has to be sung on a warm, lazy summer day...:-) Enjoy  RV
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