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    Cocaine 80s

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                                        Standard Tuning:

F   Am               B  Dm     (Repeat Sequence all over the verse)
Why is it so hard to describe?
I, would call it love if it rhymed
But I need the perfect word
I even rehearsed it first

                  B      F
So I won't get confused
                 B    5th fret Dm (Am shape)    
So I know how to use, this thing
Girl it's the only truth
It's the only damn thing
      6th fret Bb (E shape)
In my understanding
                  8th fret C (E shape)
That could get us through

            F   Am B Dm (Repeat all over the chorus)
The word is you
And the world is you
It's you baby
It's you baby
It's you baby
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